TOC Strategic Solutions Ltd (registration code 11900221, seat Tartu mnt 16-3, Tallinn 10117, Estonia)

Terms of use

These terms use shall apply to all transactions conducted at the web-shop held by TOC Strategic Ltd (hereinafter TOCStS) located at that sells books, videos and software (hereinafter Goods).


1. Ordering the Goods

1.1. The user of the website that wishes to purchase the Goods (hereinafter Buyer) is not required to register as a user on the website to order Goods.

1.2. To order the Goods the Buyer shall choose the desired items, determine the amount of each item, the way of payment and shipping for the Goods and confirm the order (hereinafter the Order).

1.3. Shipping and handling costs will be added to the price of the Goods according to the shipping mode chosen by the Buyer.

1.4. TOCStS accepts the following ways of payment:

1.4.1. Credit card

1.4.2. PayPal

1.4.3. Transfer of funds according to an invoice issued by TOCStS or its designated agent.

1.5. The Order shall enter into force upon due payment of the Goods and shipping and handling costs. The ordered Goods will not be shipped before the Order has not entered into force.

1.6. TOCStS will deliver the ordered Goods to the Buyer by one of the following ways of shipment:

            1.6.1. Registered mail

            1.6.2. Courier (DHL; UPS, TNT or similar)

1.7. TOCStS shall ship the Order within 5 working days after the Order has entered into force. The delivery time shall depend on the provider of the shipment and TOCStS bares no responsibility for possible lengthy shipments if the Order has been sent out on time.


1.8. In case the Goods ordered are software that can be installed and saved, a video, access to which has been granted etc, there is no shipment. Access to the purchased Goods will be granted by e-mailing a unique access code that will allow using the Goods.


2. Rights of the Buyer

2.1. The Goods sold to the Buyer shall be without any defects and the Order must be complete.

2.2. The Buyer has the right to submit complaints about the Goods and processing of the Order to TOC Strategic Solutions Ltd at Tartu mnt 16, Tallinn 10117 Estonia or via e-mail at within 14 calendar days after the receipt of the Order.

2.3. The Buyer has the right to terminate the agreement and withdraw the Order during the first 14 calendar days after the receipt of the Order. To withdraw the Order the Buyer shall submit a notice in writing or by e-mail to TOC Strategic Solutions Ltd at Tartu mnt 16, Tallinn 10117 Estonia or via e-mail at The Buyer must indicate the banking details in order for TOCStS to return the payment made by the Buyer. Cash returns are not made. If the Buyer withdraws the Order, the Buyer must return the unused and undamaged Goods immediately, but no later than 14 calendar days after the withdrawal. TOCStS shall return the amount paid (except for the shipping costs) no later than 30 days after the receipt of the withdrawal and the Goods. In case the Goods cannot be returned either due to damage or due to the nature of the Goods (software that can be installed and saved, a video, access to which has been granted etc), TOCStS will not reimburse.

2.4. In case the returned Goods have been used, TOCStS has the right to claim reimbursement of damages up to the amount that is equal to the price of used item. The damages will be set off with the returnable amount.


3. Obligations of the Buyer

3.1. When submitting the Order, the Buyer is obliged to submit the information needed to process the order: full name, exact address (in order to secure shipping), telephone number and e-mail address.

3.2. If the Buyer is not the recipient of the Goods, the Buyer must submit the information stated in point 3.1. for the recipient of the Goods as well.

3.3. In case the information submitted by the Buyer is faulty or incomplete and are not in compliance with point 3.1., TOCStS does not guarantee the arrival of the Order. If possible, TOCStS will try to contact the Buyer to obtain the necessary information.

3.4. Buy completing the Order the Buyer accepts there Terms and undertakes to follow them.

4. Rights of TOCStS

4.1. In case the Buyer does not follow the Terms or fails to perform its obligations TOCStS does not guarantee that the Order will enter into force and / or dispatch of the Goods or granting access to the Goods.


5. Obligations of TOCStS

5.1. TOCStS undertakes to deliver and Order that is without any defects and is complete.

5.2. TOCStS undertakes to receive and document all the complaints of the Buyer.

5.3. TOCStS undertakes to resolve any complaint within 14 calendar days, if the Buyer has not caused the circumstances of the complaint. If the complaint is based on circumstances that the Buyer is in control of, TOCStS may disregard the complaint and inform the Buyer thereof.

5.4. TOCStS shall exchange without any extra cost the faulty Goods. TOCStS is only liable for faults that were existent at the time of the delivery of the Order.


6. Privacy

6.1. Data that is connected to payments that are made by the Buyer for the access and service of the software is protected by the policies of the company that provides the collection services.

6.2. TOCStS will not have access to any data of the Buyers bank card details, the Buyer will be forwarded to the Nets Estonia secure environment, the bank card details will be entered into the Nets Estonia database and the data will be kept only in Nets Estonia.